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Aspen Dreams


Golden Grove

Aspen trees in the fall are a wonderful subject and a crowd pleaser every time.

Photo Story

“Wherever there is light, one can photograph.”

– Alfred Stieglitz, photographer

Every autumn, I grab my camera and head to the mountains above 8,000 feet in elevation. That’s where the aspen groves live around Flagstaff, Arizona. The golden glow of the leaves, before the chill of winter makes them fall and blanket the ground, reminds me of the smell of wood smoke, of coming snow, of the year going to bed.

I find it’s always best to shoot aspens in wide angle to give viewers a good sense of that majesty, but sometimes, it is good to get up close and personal, too. Details can be enthralling as well.


There’s nothing like a good friend who’s always there for you.

Each year, without fail, the aspens begin the change in color in early to mid-October. You can almost set your watch by the change. People from all round visit northern Arizona to get a good peep at the leaves changing.

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