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Never as Expected


Never as Expected

Writing assignments, photo shoots and video shoots never seem to go as planned, but they're always worth it.

Chasing Clouds

As the name of my website hints, I spend a lot of time chasing clouds.

Clouds, to me, add a drama to the sky. Clouds come in many forms, and sometimes, they move lazily. Other times, they move as if they’re in a hurry to get somewhere else. One thing is for certain, I could hustle out to a beautiful location, confident I’ll be met with perfect clouds, only to have the day become pristine and cloudless in minutes. Shoots ever go as expected, but they always produce something important for me.

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Finding the Moment

I rely on finding the moment.

Whatever it is … it could be a smile on a dog, or the slow reveal of a comet from behind the clouds, or the perfect quote from a person about whom I’m writing a personality profile.

The trick is to be there, to be open, to be ready, for that moment. Sometimes, I get lucky and capture lightning in a bottle. Other times, just like with fishing, I go home skunked. That’s the beauty of it.

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